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Clinic Hours:

Mon-Fri  9:00am – 8:00pm  by appointment   

Saturday 9am – 5pm  Appointments  & Walk-ins

Clinic: (562)-991-1568

Emergencies: Call 911

“Life gets better with Apex”

At Apex Healthcare Services, we offer comprehensive physical examinations to help you stay informed of your health and wellbeing. Our exams measure important vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to provide accurate results. We also offer a number of other tests such as pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings, vision testing, TB testing, titers, and labs — all designed to keep you informed about your health.

Our highly trained medical staff use observation, palpitation, percussion and auscultation techniques to evaluate your body’s overall condition. By using the latest technologies in physical exams procedures such as digital thermometers, automated sphygmomanometer and other equipment we can guarantee accurate results every time. With our professional medical staff on hand at all times should you have any questions or concerns regarding your health we are here to answer them.

At Apex Healthcare Services we understand better than anyone the importance of up-to-date physical exam information for any new employeee— that is why during each visit we focus solely on providing comprehensive services tailored to fit individual needs while also offering invaluable insight into one’s overall health. Whether you’re looking for regular general checkups or something more specific – our friendly staff is here at At Apex Healthcare Services is always happy to help!

Somethings we do to check if you are healthy…

  • Initial
  • Routine
  • Annual
  • Sports
  • employment
  • and more