Address:                                              17034 Bellflower Blvd.  90706

Clinic Hours:

Mon-Fri  9:00am – 8:00pm  by appointment   

Saturday 9am – 5pm  Appointments  & Walk-ins

Clinic: (562)-991-1568

Emergencies: Call 911

“Life gets better with Apex”

Take Your Symptoms or Injuries Seriously and Get the Treatment You Need

Our acute illness healthcare services is the perfect solution for  medical or mental health symptoms you may encounter. When it comes to illnesses that come on quickly, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our experienced medical staff will get you back on your feet in no time. 

We utilize up-to-date technologies and cutting-edge treatments that can help diagnose and successfully manage even complex health issues. You can rest assured knowing that our personalized treatments are adjusted as per your individual needs and circumstances. We also offer extensive help with both acute and chronic physical conditions such as sprains and strains.

Utilizing decades of experience in the health industry, our talented medical staff have crafted a comprehensive package for all of your acute illness needs. Whether you’re feeling stuffy or weak, rely on our experienced professionals to provide the best care available in a quick fashion. With our acute illness healthcare services, you no longer have to worry because we’ve got you covered!


If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency call 911 right away.

Somethings we treat to make you healthy again…

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Common cold
  • Covid testing
  • Lab testing
  • and more